More and more of us are getting active. And that’s a good thing. Exercise is great for a clear mind and healthy body. Wile exercising, we pay more attention to our body and discover that good-quality sportswear makes a real difference. At Xtreme, we have years of experience in developing quality legwear, so you can rest assured that our products are of the highest possible quality.


Xtreme sports socks were designed to help you push boundaries. During the design process, we looked for ways to give your feet the best possible support during all kinds of sports. We use modern fabrics and techniques to combine comfort, moisture wicking and warmth.

Our designers have many years of experience in designing legwear. Xtreme products boast an anatomical fit with separate left and right socks, seamless toes and optimal foot/shoe contact. Naturally, we design our products according to the latest fashion trends.

Sustainability and responsible production are very important to us. We are affiliated with Amfori BSCI and invest heavily in reducing our ecological footprint.

All Xtreme products have been developed and produced with great care. Our designers work with the best possible materials.


Coolmax is a high-tech fabric specially designed to keep your feet dry and comfortable. Coolmax fabrics are made of polyester fibres with an enlarged surface area. These fibres have four or six channels and form a system that transports moisture from the skin to the outer layer of the fabric.


Thermolite is a lightweight insulating material developed by DuPont. This fabric provides optimum warmth in cold weather thanks to its hollow fibres, which retain air for better insulation. Thermolite dries up to 50% faster than cotton and ensures rapid moisture wicking, which is why it feels so comfortable on the skin and works so well in sportswear.


Merino wool comes from merino sheep, which are renowned for the quality of their wool. Merino wool is thicker and longer, making it soft to the touch and not itchy. This fine wool feels very arm, and its fibres will warm up your body during cold days without causing sweat to collect on your skin. This wool is self-cleaning and moisture-regulating and will keep you warm whilst regulating your temperature.

Do you love your active lifestyle? Take a look at our lookbook and get inspired by our collection. We offer ladies’ and men’s products for various sports.


It is becoming easier and easier to find Xtreme products. Our products are sold by well-known retailers and online shops.